Since 2002, the Dewar Arts Awards have funded over 300 artists in a wide range of disciplines. Find out more about them here.  You can also find a selection of Awardees’ work on our Showcase page.

  • Kari Hall
    Kari is a dedicated performing artist, whose Award enabled her to pursue her dream of attending drama school.
  • Roisin Lavery
    Rosie Lavery is an accomplished soprano from Glasgow who is determined to become an international performer
  • Christopher Michie
    Christopher is a promising flautist and an ambassador for fair access in the arts.
  • Alexis Tie-Gill
    By the age of 13, Alexis had proven herself to be an accomplished pianist and violinist, and was selected to lead the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.
  • Amy Paterson
    Amy is an award-winning Tenor Horn player, whose skill and determination gained her a place at the Royal Northern College of Music.
  • Ciaran Roberts-Osterberg
    Ciaran is an autistic multi-instrumentalist who excels at drums and jazz.
  • Frances Allen
    Frances combines music and design to explore the possibilities for immersive and interactive composition.
  • Joshua Parkhill
    Joshua is an award-winning trombonist with a passion for teaching and community outreach.
  • Calum Moore
    Calum is a writer-director who created his first play in full iambic pentameter.
  • Melek Ipek Vursavas
    Melek Ipek moved to Scotland from Turkey, and from the age of four began to demonstrate exceptional capacity as a pianist.
  • Tallulah Molleson
    Whilst studying at St Mary's Music School as a chorister, Tallulah began playing saxophone and discovered a love of jazz music. She went on to study jazz saxophone at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, supported by a Dewar Arts Award.
  • Daniel Toderas
    Born in Romania, Daniel moved to Scotland at the age of 13 and is determined to show that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams.
  • Symone Hutchison
    Symone learned the trombone as part of Sistema Scotland's 'Big Noise' programme, and now hopes to give back to others through performance and teaching.
  • Kirsty Craig
    Kirsty Craig is an accomplished dancer and multi-faceted perfomer with a capacity for singing, acting and teaching
  • Luke Gallagher
    An aspiring actor, Luke believes his working class Glasgwegian upbringing has given him the positivity and tenacity to succeed
  • Karah Pollock
    Demonstrating natural talent and flair for dance, Karah began her award-winning career from the age of three.
  • Liam Bonthrone
    Liam is a highly accomplished tenor from Perth, who credits the leaders of his hometown community choir for nurturing his talent for music.
  • Jennifer Bruce
    Jennifer received a Dewar Arts Award to enable her to study dance and musical theatre at her dream college.
  • Irina Vartopeanu
    Irina moved from Romania to Glasgow, to study in the BA Performance in BSL and English at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • Alyth Ross
    Alyth's Dewar Arts Award enabled her to study drama at the Guildhall School - something she considers a life-changing experience
  • Shola von Reynolds
    Shola is a Scottish-Nigerian writer who in 2018 was selected as Cove Park's Scottish Emerging Writer.
  • Kirsty MacLeod
    Kirsty is an exceptional musician who has performed with orchestras and freelance at high profile events.
  • Ross Montgomery
    Ross is a clarinettist and saxophonist whose exceptional talent has been demonstrated through spirited, exhilirated performance.
  • Colin Murray
    Colin is an exceptional opera singer who is passionate about performing solo and as part of an ensemble.
  • Emma Simpson
    When studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Emma identified the need to purchase her own bassoon in order to develop fully as a musician.
  • Grace Wain
    Grace was chosen to participate in a prestigious residential Song Masterclass, and with the support of the Dewar Arts Awards was able to accept the opportunity.
  • Lewis Blackwood
    By the age of 14, Lewis had developed his skills as a percussionist to the level of an undergraduate.
  • Rennie Sutherland
    Rennie is an award-winning clarinettist who has worked with critically-aclaimed conductors.
  • Rachael Keiller
    Rachael is a theatre performer and practitioner of great promise, who is passionate about making work with and for young audiences.
  • Stephanie Maitland
    A highly experienced operatic performer, Stephanie's Award supported her in her postgraduate studies at the RNCM.
  • Ewan Miller
    Ewan worked tirelessly to gain the experience he needed as an actor for a place to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • Hugh Mackay
    Hugh is an award-winning cellist who has performed in every major concert hall in Britain.
  • Aileen Sweeney
    Aileen is an accordionist of formidable talent and keen imagination.
  • Isabelle Thomson
    Isabelle is a gifted painter whose work combines oil, text and animation.
  • Jean Oberlander
    Jean is an award-winning textiles designer who gained a First Class Honours Degree from Gray's School of Art
  • Leona Craig
    Leona is an actor and musician hailing from Crieff, who gained a prestigious place to study at the Montview Theatre School in London.